Wednesday, 14 January 2009

My Sissy Slut and his first forced cock sucking mission...

Before you read this blog post, it wasn't written by me. It was written by the silly little cum drinking whore that I sent out to suck some cock. And judging by his spelling mistakes (I've fixed some of them, but the whole thing was a mess) and his grammar, sucking cock is about all the useless fucker is good for.

The story, told by my little Sissy Slut...

"Must admit my Mistress has mentioned many times that she would get me to suck cock for her and have pics taken to use against me.But I never ever thought it would happen in reality. But when my Mistress told me she had booked me in for a force bi session with another Mistress that’s a good friend off Mistress Lisa’s I could have died.

The day it was going to happen was set Dec the 15th.All day my Mistress kept texting me to tell me how she wanted me to dress for the occasion. get your little red pvc dress on slut and pink nail varnish before u get to my friends place for the session bitch or else. How the hell was I going to drive 20 mins for the session and wear nail varnish with out being seen. Well I had to just get on and do it as I know if I had not I would be in deep trouble. So I painted my nails and set off hoping I would not be noticed.

When I reached my destination I sat out side for quite a while as I was so nervous. Then my phone rang, it was Mistress Lisa. Your fucking late bitch do not embarrass me bitch with my friend. Get your fucking slut as there now and do as you’re told. Or all the pics I have off you will be posted all over the net and emailed to your company so every one will know wot a sissy slut you are. My Mistress has many pics off me dressed and doing things with my ass and fucking a strap on and sucking dildo’s and other things.

So I had no choice now I had to go through with this. So I got out off the car and slowly walked over to the house address I was given and knocked on the door. Come on in bitch and sit down there. she was on the phone at the time. yes the bitch is here Mistress Lisa .she was on the phone to my Mistress Lisa. yes the sissy is going to do it I wont let it leave until its been completed I heard her say.

She introduced her self to me and told me to dress. Come here she then shouts Mistress Lisa wants you to have bright red lipstick. Just the right colour for cock sucking she said. Pout your lips bitch she instructs me to do so. Then she sets about my make up. Mistress Lisa has instructed me how to do your make up bitch she kept saying. Then she stood back and said right your ready bitch. Come to my dungeon she commands. Right kneel down there bitch. And then she placed a blind fold on me. Dont fucking move from there bitch I will be right back.

I could hear my heart pounding with the nervous anticipation as I did not know whatt was going to happen. Then I heard her return ,well bitch lets practice with my strap on first shall we bitch. Phewww may be Mistress Lisa has been winding me up and im just sucking a strap on. So I got on and sucked the strap on for all I was worth hoping this was all I was going to have to do. Take it deep bitch she kept shouting at me. Mistress Lisa said you need training bitch, she shouted to me. suck it bitch like the dirty whore that you are she shouted. Me and Mistress Lisa have a nice surprise for you sissy slut .God I thought I had got away with it, but sounds like my hell was just starting.

She removed the strap on from my mouth and instructed me not to move one inch. Wait there bitch I will be right back she shouted. My heart started to pound louder and louder and louder. Then I heard foot steps coming towards me. And then the Mistress say well bitch now you have a real cock to suck right in front off you. I wanted to get up and run as fast as I could but I knew what would happen. Mistress Lisa would expose me as a sissy slut to every one that knows me. Come on bitch you know your going to have to do it, do you want me to call Mistress Lisa and tell her your refusing to do as your told bitch she shouts. No please don’t Mistress well fucking get on with it then she shouts. My heart feels as its going to explode. I could hear the male laughing at me making me feel even worse, Well fucking get started its not going to suck it self is it bitch. Then I heard her on the phone to Mistress Lisa, he wont do it she say’s. Then she put the phone to my ear and I heard my Mistress Lisa shout down the phone. You fucking worthless bitch if you don’t get on and do it by the time you get back to your car all your pics are going to be emailed to your company bitch. What’s it to be she shouts’ will do it Mistress please don’t expose me I murmmer down the phone. Well get on with it you fucking whore and I want some good pics so do a good job. Then I hear her laughing with the other Mistress.

Well bitch get stated she shouts. So I have no choice now I have to do it. Get that cock hard she shouts. Go on bitch, so I take hold off the cock and with my heart pounding I take it in my mouth. Slowly in and out off my mouth. Get your hand on the cock and wank it as well you fucking whore she shouts. Rub the balls as well bitch. Slowly I could feel his cock getting harder in my mouth as I sucked and played with his cock. Lick it all down the shaft she shouts Mistress Lisa wants some nice pics of you sucking cock. Then I heard click click click she was taking pics of me sucking cock, oh my god I thought.

Go on bitch suck harder feel that cock deep in your mouth slut she shouts. Then I felt the blind fold come off my heart started to pound louder and louder. Mistress Lisa wants some face pics of her slut sucking cock she shouted. then started to laugh she started to take the pics ,click, click click she took loads off pics non stop all the time while she was barking orders at me.

Then I realized that no condom was being worn as I just opened my eyes. God I thought this is hell. The Mistress then must of realized I had just noticed that there was no condom and started to laugh. Mistress Lisa wants you to taste cum bitch all over your face and down your dirty fucking throat. Keep sucking you fucking whore she shouts .then the male grabbed my head and shoved the cock deeper in my throat. Go on use the fucking bitch that’s what its here for the Mistress shouts. The cock was now really hard I could sense he was about to cum. God what am I doing here. Then the male shouts are you ready to taste cum bitch. The Mistress shouts down the sluts throat and all over its face, was forced to suck harder faster and faster go on make the bitch have it she shouts.

Then I heard a big moan from the guy and he shouted here bitch taste this cum for you. And with a big push on my head I was tasting cum for the first time all down my throat. Then he took it out off my mouth and made me wank his cock and shoot the remainder of his cum all over my face. While the Mistress kept taking pics off me. clean it all up bitch she shouted, so I then sucked his cock clean of cum all of it she demands so I have another go and made sure it was all licked off with my tongue.

Good girl she shouts wasnt too bad was it slut no Mistress I replied but of course I was lying it was shear hell for me and so embarrassing.
The male pulled his pants up and left. Right slut I want you to wank that cock off yours and cum over my boots for Mistress Lisa. Get on with it she commands’ me to wank my lil cock over her boots and I could hear her on the phone. Then she put the phone to my ear. It was Mistress Lisa on the phone. Well done slut I hear you did well and we have loads of pics of you sucking cock now. So the next time I want you sucking cock for money for me you will do it and I will pimp you out as I see fit .or I will expose you as a cock sucking sissy slut and she stared to laugh and the phone was taken away from me.

Come on bitch wank that cock she shouted. As I wanked all I could think of was how I have been made in to a sissy by Mistress Lisa then made to suck cock for her and now she is going to pimp me out. As I cum all over the Mistresses boots I just can not believe what I have done tonight. Lick it all up she shouts. So I licked her boots clean off all my cum. Then she say’s to me with a big grin your hell as just started bitch Mistress Lisa has you fucked you with these pics of you sucking cock. Your worst nightmare has just started and laughs out loud.

I dress and clean up and make my way home and can not believe how I have let all this happen to my self. it only started by chatting with Mistress Lisa on line. So be careful if you chat with her as I know how powerful she is. So be warned. Be very warned.

Mistress Lisa’s Sissy Slut."


Anonymous said...

Fantastic :D..

Anonymous said...

Your sissy cock sucking slut is a realy dirty much do you pimp the bitch out for plz.i would love to use the whore and fuck the arse off the bitch as well as make it swallow all my cum

Mistress Lisa said...

Well how about you email me and i'll see what i can arrange.


Smoking sub slut said...

2 Wonderful stories Mistress Lisa. Amazing

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Mistress your sissyslut needs a good in the london area if you can arrange it i would love the bitch to come to me for a visit.i presume you are pimping the bicth out Mistress.does she take it up her man cunt how much wud yo0u charge for 2 hrs service plz Mistress

Anonymous said...

lovely man whore,he looks vdirty .jim

Mistress Lisa said...

How abut u email me to discuss prices and availability of this cock sucking whore.
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Mistress Lisa

Anonymous said...

Can i buy unblurred pics from you pls ?


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Its what we do best . I know we are a bit nervous at first but after that most of us think its quite natural to spend time on our knees .

Anonymous said...

Hi I'm a teen and I would just love to be in the position he's in. My friend made me where a skirt I didn't know what he was up to until his thing went in my ass. I love being fucked and forced to suck.

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